Upgrade your life with our premium bidet installations!

Experience unparalleled comfort, better hygiene, and a more environmentally conscious lifestyle with our exceptional bidet attachments. 

At Peachy Clean Family Bidets,   

we have a dedicated team of skilled professionals ready to provide top-notch bidets, tailored to suit your specific needs.  Our bidet systems accommodate a wide range of styles, ensuring a seamless upgrade to your bathroom experience.

"The technicians were professional and kind, and their seamless installation has seriously changed my bathroom experience for the better!"

Why use a bidet?

Administering a gentle water spray is a much more thorough and effective method of cleansing, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and potential infections.

Americans spend on average $120 a year on toilet paper.  Switching to bidets not only eliminates this cost, but also reduces impacts to plumbing that can potentially lead to huge expenses.

Toilet paper use can cause irritation, especially if used frequently or with too much pressure.  Bidets clean sensitive areas gently, minimizing discomfort!

What is included in our service packages?

Pre-installation consultation: 

 We're happy to go over any questions you have, and to help you choose a bidet system that perfectly fits your needs.

Professional Installation:  

 Our team of skilled technicians ensures your bidet is installed correctly, adhering to all building codes and safety guidelines.

Post-Installation Support:  

Our commitment to customer satisfaction includes follow-up support, troubleshooting, and assistance with any future upgrades.

Discover a new level of clean and comfort for yourself with our bidet installation services.

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